Welcome to Al-Amin Tropicana School!

About us
Due to increasing demand for high quality Islamic Education, Pusat Pendidikan Al-Amin Berhad (PPAAB) is set to expand its chain of Al- Amin Islamic School at U20, Shah Alam. This school aims to serve the surrounding community.

21st Century Curriculum
Creative and challenging, thematic, brain-friendly, skills focussed, personal development, international mindedness, global themes and local heritage, assesment for learning.

Personal Goals

  • (Islah) Embracing Transformation
  • (Ithar) Preferring Others above oneself
  • (Ihsan) Striving for Excellence
  • (Mardhatillah) Seeking Allah Pleasure

Educational Goals

  • Students are able to obtain appropriate and sufficient academic standard to pursue territory education.
  • ‚Ä®Students are able to perform obligatory ibadah correctly and have aqidah shahihah.
  • Students are able to exhibit and internalize their understanding of Islam as a complete way of life.
  • ‚Ä®Students are able to sufficiently carry out their role as ‘Abid and Khalifah’ benefiting themselves and others.
  • Students are able to display leadership qualities in team and are able to communicate ideas effectively among their peers   and also to adults.

Medium of Instruction

  • KSSR will be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia
  • AAIC @ Islah Curriculum will be delivered in English/ Arabic
  • Medium of communication outside classroom will be English & Arabic