Educational Trip to Terengganu Science and Creativity Centre

All praise to Allah for the opportunity.

Educational trip was successfully organized by Al Amin Tropicana School ( Primary ) to Terengganu Science and Creativity Centre. This trip was planned in order to develop student’s knowledge in Science and creativity. The trip was organized on Thursday, 17th August 2017, which included 31 students from Primary 1-Primary 4 and 5 teachers.
This trip allows teachers to practice Tauhid Across Curriculum ( TAC ) as students were taught du’a in praising Allah’s creations. Tauhid Across Curriculum has been one of the speciality in Al Amin Tropicana’s education system. Students were exposed with the gravity’s activity, explored about nature disaster, science technology and explore about universe. They gained valuable knowledge about the world and technology. Students also visited Crystal Mosque, the most famous mosque in Terengganu.

May the trip be a source for the students to learn new things and increase their experience about real world. InsyaAllah.

See full album of the trip here.