Students are enjoying their time at fire station while learning new things. They get the opportunity to wear the fireman’s uniform, riding the fire truck and doing the fire drill. They also learn what they should do if they face the emergency situation of burning and others. This is the practical session for them since they already learn about the emergency situation in their Islah’s class. Till we meet another educational trip soon, may Allah take care of us from any disaster.

Al Amin Tropicana School 1st Annual Sports Day

Alhamdulillah. Thanks to all parents and students for giving a great cooperation to make the 1st Annual Sports Day successful. Many thanks to all the teachers that had given the best commitment to make it the best Sport Day for students. See all of you again next year, InsyaAllah.

Treating Our Neighbour

Happy Chinese New Year!!
Today,our students representative visit our Chinese neighborhoods to wish them Happy Chinese New Year and distribute the Mandarin Orange.



Orientation Week 2017

Alhamdulillah, a new year has started and may all His Blessing be upon us. We welcome all the new students with a warm heart. Students are being exposed with the new environment of the new school. May all of the students be able to enjoy their time being here, learning with fun.

Students are introduced with the places and being taught the adab when they want to enter the teacher’s room.


Dhuha session.


Fun activities for the orientation week to attract student’s attention to learn in Al-Amin Tropicana School.

Al-Amin Tropicana Early Childhood Centre

Praying For Flood Victims

Showing love towards other people is not only by giving a helping hand, but in Islam, it can also be done by praying for their wellness and safety. This is one of the value that we try to inculcate in each students here. 

A Hajat prayer has been done in the afternoon after Zuhur prayer to pray for the safety of the flood victims all over Malaysia. Students are being explained very well what are the aim of the prayer. May Allah protects all of us from disaster. InsyaAllah.

Robotic Class

Robotic Class

Program I’tikaf

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Adab Program


Adab Program

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